Terms of Service

In order to prevent misunderstanding or miscommunication, the following is the Terms of Service that apply when hiring Fresh Take Cleaning. By making a booking with us you agree to our terms of service:

All clients (residential, commercial, post-construction):

  1. All clients, regardless of type, should read and understand these Terms of Service. These apply and are legally binding to all our clients.
  2. Fresh Take Cleaning provides interior cleaning and organizing services only.  We service only residential and commercial facilities.
  3. The client, Fresh Take Cleaning and our employees or Independent Contractors are responsible for clean communication and being responsible with the client’s belongings and property.  All incidents big or small are to be reported immediately.
  4. Fresh Take Cleaning guarantees client satisfaction. We typically charge an hourly fee to perform cleaning services. If we miss something minor, we will come back to correct for no charge.  If we miss something that takes more than 30 minutes to correct, we will bill for additional cleaning time. This guarantee is for 24 hours – you must call and allow us back into the location to correct within 24 hours of the original cleaning.
  5. Any wording, image, or other content found on Fresh Take Cleaning’s website, blog, Facebook page, or any other company-managed website or social media page are the sole responsibility and ownership of and by Fresh Take Cleaning.
  6. The laws of the State of New York dictate, determine, and describe the responsibilities of both parties (Fresh Take Cleaning and it’s client) in any matter of contention.  Fresh Take Cleaning reserves the right to bring about court action if necessary to retrieve payment.

Cleaning terms:

  1. When staff arrives please conduct walkthrough of the tasks that you need completed and in what manner. Staff has a work order but it is still necessary to prevent miscommunication or items that were not listed.
  2. To maintain a safe working environment for our cleaners, customers should not harass, berate, belittle or intimidate our cleaners. We reserve the right to cancel a job in such instances, and keep partial payment for anything that was already completed.
  3. For cabinets please remove all items prior to our cleaners or we will charge an extra fee of $20 for handling and removal.
  4. Recleans for recurring customers are given discounts, as we will come back to do maintenance regardless.
  5. For recleans, customers must provide photographic proof of areas missed. A reclean is considered a 30 min touch up not a full clean.
  6. If there are any infestations of insects or rodents of any kind, we must have proof of professional extermination (such as a confirmation from said extermination company or receipt with a recent date of transaction of no more than 14 days.
  7. We will not remove mold.
  8. We provide a checklist for consistency and quality of work for every job, if a customer signs off on the checklist we are not liable for a reclean.
  9. If a service is not listed on our checklist and is not an extra it must be specifically requested or we will not carry out the service. Requests to cleaners must first be approved by management.

Payment terms:

  1. Residential clients: we require a credit card to be on file with our credit card processor.  We use a virtual terminal – no client information is saved anywhere on Fresh Take Cleaning’s computers or server.  At the end of each day, we charge clients’ cards from cleaning completed that day and any completed after the end of working hours the prior day.
  2. Cash and Checks: Fresh Take Cleaning requires payment upfront for both cash and checks. We do not accept payment in the mail.
  3. Commercial clients: we will invoice all commercial clients with a 15 day net payable. We accept check or credit card from commercial clients.
  4. Extremely large commercial projects: in the case of a project estimated to cost over $2,000, we will have case-specific payments terms.

Other terms:

  1. 24 Hour Cancellation: We need notice to be able to replace a client’s missed cleaning, a minimum of 24 hours is required to re-schedule or cancel a cleaning.
  2. Late Cancellation Fee: If less than 24 hours is given, we reserve the right to charge a $50 late cancellation fee.
  3. Credit card payment declined: If a credit card payment is declined we will call the client to get corrected information.  No extra fees are charged if paid within 5 days.
  4. Check payment not cleared: Any bank fees charged to Fresh Take Cleaning will be the responsibility of the client to reimburse to the company.  Full reimbursement, including original amount and any bank charges, is expected within 5 days. After 5 days, the client is charged a $25 per week (7 days) late fee.  After 30 days of non-payment, we will file a complaint with small claims court of Nassau County.