We Bring A Trusted Long Island House Cleaning Experience

We have a different idea of what a cleaning service should be

We’re more than a cleaning company

Fresh Take Cleaning is a family owned and operated company that believes you should enjoy every experience with a cleaning service, and our mission is to deliver that experience to you. Cleaning is already a chore, the booking experience shouldn’t be too.

At Fresh Take cleaning we make sure booking is simple and quick, so quick it only takes a min (no, really)! With our hassle-free, up-front flat rate pricing you’ll never have to play phone tag or book appointments for in-home quotes. We know your time is precious, that’s why we try to save as much of it as possible.

We’ve even addressed some of the most common issues people have with cleaning services – lateness, and no-shows. That’s why we came up with the lateness and no-show guarantee on top of our satisfaction guarantee. If we’re ever outside the arrival window for your booking we will credit you x% for that job. In the unlikely chance we don’t show up at all, you’ll have your next cleaning on us. It’s our way of providing the smoothest and highest quality cleaning experience possible.

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